Presbyterian Church Nicholson Road

This church is located at the intersection of Empress Road and Nicholson Road. Presbyterian Mission in Lahore was started in 1854 by the United Presbyterian Church of North America. Presbyterian Church in Lahore was initially established in 1860 at Nabha Road as St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church and was under the governance of the Scottish Army from 1860 to 1947. After independence, the Methodist Church took over the site for their prayer services leaving no Presbyterian congregation in Lahore. Presbyterian Church Nicholson RoadIn 1957, Reverend Newton requested the Methodist Church to give them the Nabha Road Church, which had been lying vacant for some time. This church then became the first regular church of the United Presbyterina Church of Lahore. In 1968, Reverend Nasir introduced International Council of Christian Churches in Pakistan founded by Dr. Carl McIntire, which was opposed by majority of the members and the congregation split in two parts with half moving to the Nicholson Road site.



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