St. Anthony's Church

St. Anthony's Church is located on Empress Road, close to its junction with the famous Shimla (Simla) Hill. The neo-Gothic building is dominated by its tall octagonal tower which marks the entrance vestibule as well. St. Anthony's Church

Other predominant architectural features include the recurring solid masonry buttresses and tiled pitched roofs which lend the church a special character. Although comparatively simple in plan, and carrying little flourish of ornamentation, the church is striking in its unaffected demeanor and a lofty nave of handsome proportions.

You might like to walk to the rear of the compound where you will find a white-washed single-storey structure with massive brick walls and cusped arched verandah, reminiscent of 19th century bungalows of the city.

Opposite the church on the east is the impressive North Western Railway Headquarters. It is a brick structure, echoing the transparent air of veranda arcading seen in several other buildings of the period.

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