Administrative Staff College

On the same side of the road as Government House, but set well back is a building with an imposing pediment portico. The Administrative Staff College is situated directly opposite the Pearl Continental Hotel and is set amidst large grounds. This is the original, once exclusive Punjab Club—a reminder of a distant past when British clubs were synonymous with a rarefied world of the rulers. The club was established in 1904 and the building was constructed circa 1910s.

The club building was taken over during the early 1960s and converted to the use of the Administrative Staff College, where courses for the training of government officials began to be organized. Although the building was built at a time when the Modern Movement in architecture was sweeping through Europe and USA, the Punjab Club members sought to establish their exclusivity by the use of classical symbolism, which was reflected in the creation of a grand projecting portico employing Doric order and giant two storey high columns.

The single-storey side wings are lower in height, and employ Roman arcading for the verandahs. Plastered and painted white, the grand edifice set off by the verdant green of the surrounding lawns and foliage, dominates a large, well maintained estate. A few quietly attractive small structures have also been built to provide extra accommodation.

You can enter the curving driveway shaded by large trees and bordered with foliage, to fully enjoy the lofty porticoed structure amidst leafy surroundings.

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