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Of all the cities in the world, there is something special about Lahore that strikes the heart.  It could be that I see it that way because it is the city of my birth but that would do little to explain the way it has fascinated the minds throughout the ages.  From pauper to a king or queen, everyone has come under its spell at one time or another.  The city has inspired many to sing praises of its glory and even after numerous upheavals and sorrows, it continues to do so.  Lahore is mysterious, it is romantic, and some describe it as a ďmelancholy picture of fallen splendorĒ but in the words of Empress Noor Jahan, it is Paradise.

"I have purchased Lahore with my life.  By giving my life for Lahore, I have actually purchased another Paradise." Empress Noor Jahan

It is human nature to long for something that is lost.  And after moving half a world away, I realized what I have lost.  I have lost the chance to do the things I didnít do, see the places I didnít see, and meet the people I didnít meet, for I have lost Lahore. So, in my little way of reclaiming what I lost, I have promised myself to photograph and preserve the images of Lahore.  And I have created this site in hopes that others who, like myself, are also enchanted by this magical city or even those who have yet to come under its spell can take some benefit.

The photo gallery, though it includes some of my other adventures, is mainly to showcase the images I have captured of Lahore.  I have also included a brief introduction to the city and its history as well as descriptions of some sites of interest.  I will continue to add to this and build a comprehensive list of historical and important places in Lahore, as I have yet to come across a website that provides an up-to-date listing of all the important sites in Lahore.  There are some excellent websites out there about the city of Lahore which, although very extensive and descriptive, unfortunately appear to have copied much of the information from a book written in the 19th century during the time of British rule.  This makes it very difficult to weed out what has survived to be seen and what has succumbed to the ravages of time or become the loot of conquerors.

Update November 3, 2014: Added information about Garhi Shahu.
Update March 14, 2014: Added videos of Shalimar Gardens, Zeb-un-Nisa's Tomb, and Chauburji.
Update March 13, 2014: Added videos of Mir Niamat Khan's Tomb, Rasul Shahun's Tomb, Musa Ahangar's Shrine, and Saleh Sindhi Mosque.

Contact: Raza Noor

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