By Vinh Luong

This is my own art project idea, as well as a Kanji study method.
Everything will be written in Japanese furigana (kanji with hiragana on top for aid in pronunciation).
Let's see what happens!


Daily Kanji Photos
Part 5: 01/01/2014 - Today (??? New)
Part 4: 07/01/2013 - 12/31/2013 (200 New)
Part 3: 01/01/2013 - 06/24/2013 (500 New)
Part 2: 07/08/2012 - 12/24/2012 (682 New)
Part 1: 06/08/2011 - 04/11/2012 (618 New)

Kanji Summary Files (Newest and Previous Versions)
2800 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (7.2 MB)
2600 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (7.1 MB)
2400 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (6.2 MB)
2200 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (5.7 MB)
2000 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (4.8 MB)
1800 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (3.8 MB)
1700 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (3.6 MB)
1500 Kanji + Remaining Kanji PDF (3.2 MB)

Every Kanji Photo (Zipped)
2400 Kanji/1400 words (2.75 GB)

Video of 1300 Kanji

Walls of 2750 Kanji
Wall of 2000 Kanji
Wall of 600 More Kanji
Wall of 150 More Kanji

*Note 1: this project was on hiatus a few times when I went travelling.
You can view the details of my 2012 Japan trip here, and my other trips here.

*Note 2: Depending on the browser you use and your character encoding,
some differences between typed Japanese and Chinese characters will not be
shown between Japanese and Chinese websites. My goal is to find most of the
differences in the written characters.

JLPT Resources
Kotobank (Japanese only)
Excite Dictionary (Japanese only)
Kakijun (Japanese only)
Yamasa Online Kanji Dictionary
Shogakukan Pocket Progressive English-Japanese / Japanese-English Dictionary

YellowBridge C-E Dictionary
Arch Chinese
Traditional Stroke Order Tool
MDBG C-E Dictionary
Jyutping Database
Baidu (Chinese Only)
Far East Chinese-English Dictionary

Personal experience

ANKI Files
These are files containing flash cards to be used in conjunction with the ANKI program.
This was how I randomized my choices of kanji everyday. I compiled them myself from various
sources and decided to upload them here for others to use. The ANKI program is downloadable here.
To use the following files, right-click on them and save them to your computer.

2011 Vocabulary (10.6 MB, 5022 words & expressions)
I originally made this to study for the JLPT N3 of 2011. Although I didn't
pass the test, I think this should still be useful. Most of the vocabulary was
taken from here.

2012 Vocabulary (33.1 MB, 16,710 words & expressions)
I originally considered taking the JLPT N2 this year, but decided to try and
get a good mark on the N3 instead. I ended up having time to study ahead though
so I compiled this file with words from every Japanese textbook I've used,
unofficial vocabulary lists for the JLPT N1/N2/N3/N4, my Kanji of the Day project,
and from various websites, anime, and manga I've seen or read. I personally haven't
reviewed everything, but this should still be useful for next year.

2013 Vocabulary (3.61 MB, 29,791 words & expressions)
This year, I only kept adding whatever Japanese words I came across.
Note that the ANKI program had a drastic upgrade so this file is in a
different format.

2014 Vocabulary (4.26 MB, 34,887 words & expressions)
This year, I only kept adding whatever new Japanese words I came across.
(There wasn't really a lot this year)

2017 Vocabulary (5.06 MB, 40,738 words & expressions)
For three years, I only kept adding whatever new Japanese words I came across.