Volume 35 Number 19 Edmonton, Canada May 29, 1998


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letters positions opinion focus talks events notices ads

Ron Senda, Jonathan Schaeffer and John Samson

Supercomputer multiplies processing power

The U of A has purchased the most powerful computer in the Canadian academic community, the Cray Origin 2000. Full Story.

Who's out to get ENS 402?
The news says the environmental advocacy course is threatened but enemies of the course seem hard to find.

Brain Drain
Bidding wars don't just happen in hockey. American universities continue to tempt top professors with research dollars.

Bears make their mark in the NHL
Former Golden Bear hockey player, Cory Cross, made it to the NHL, like many other U of A hockey players.

No way - whey!
That greenish liquid coming out of a cheese vat is whey. Not only is it a good source of energy, some swear it's anti-carcinogenic, wound healing and a healthy substitute for steroids.

Negative stereotypes of aging dictate behavior
Research identifying perceptions and stereotypes of older people show a mixture of positive and negative beliefs.

Older bones don't mean older brains
People are flocking to the U of A's Program for Older Adults as the spring sessions kicks off.

Nursing without a net
Nursing students head to Guatemala to learn the art of resourcefulness in primitive clinics.

Arsenic killing people of India
An Indian environmentalists speaks out and blames world aid organizations for the arsenic crisis in his country.

India's nuclear tests raise environmental fears
U of A physicist says damage from nuclear testing is inevitable and irreversible.

Spreading wings
Peregrine falcons perched and nestled on the east ledge of the Clinical Sciences Building are expanding their family and doing fine. And they don't want visitors, thank you very much.

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