Volume 35 Number 10 Edmonton, Canada January 23, 1998


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letters positions opinion focus talks events notices ads

Arts student Carrie Sutter
with a copy of The Gateway

Gateway shrinks as U of A advertisers pull out

HUB Mall and Bookstores look to spend advertising dollars elsewhere. Full Story.

Joe Clark returns to his alma mater
U of A and Carleton will provide former prime minister with a home to write about his career.

MRC grants bring mix of elation and disappointment
Twenty-five per cent of U of A MRC grant proposals accepted -- but the 75 per cent not funded are a disappointment.

Here's looking at me... and me... and me...
The cloning controversy: science of possibilities or of madness.

Students shore up against poverty -- and the cold
Students camp outside to raise awardess of the Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

"Bus Rounds"
Medical education hits the road and covers a lot of ground.

Hot off the University of Alberta Press
Plant field guide, Cree language resource and an analysis of risk of death in Canada -- three new books.

Research on pain, our gain
Dr. Peter Smith, pharmacology, investigates the kind of pain peripheral nerve injuries give -- and looks for ways to relieve it.

El Nino brrrrr-ings back ice weather
Dr. Gordon Swaters explains the weather pattern Canadians like the best.

Eighty years filled with firsts
The Faculty of Nursing celebrates its 80th Anniversary with a kick off January 28.

A lesson in cold
Researchers share the secret to staying warm without spending the winter inside.

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