Volume 35 Number 8 Edmonton, Canada December 5, 1997


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Dr. Antoine Noujaim

New kid on the block: Altarex Corporation

AltaRex, a high-tech research company, has opened its doors in the Dentistry/Pharmacy Building. Full Story.

Education course takes learning out of the lecture hall and into the classroom
U of A education students work one-on-one with students at Sacred Heart Elementary School to improve literacy skills.

Selling ideas in a market that likes widgets
Social science and hmanities researchers challenged to explain relevance to the public that pays.

Developing a different way of measuring intelligence
U of A prof J.P. Das and a Ohio State colleague develop a test to measure cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Environmental activism -- 401
Dr. Jim Butler teaches a new course dedicated to excellence in environmental advocacy.

Francescutti continues crusade for safety
Had Diana, Princess of Wales, been wearing a seat belt, she'd have survived. A U of A safety expert says others should learn from her mistake.

Jacques Parizeau continues Quebec's march towards independence
Jacques Parizeau speaks to U of A students and again blames the ethnic vote for the referendum's defeat.

A philanthropic pipeline to the U of A
Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc. challenges others to support the U of A Campaign.

U of A and Thailand university share expertise
Canadian students write of their experiences conducting research in Thailand.

New Zealand universities under attack -- law professor
Market principles have had a devastating effect on New Zealand universities according to Aukland law professor Jane Kelsey.

Brain storming
U of A researchers help children train their brains to conquer learning disorders.

University Distinguished Lecture:
The Feminine Charisma of Diana - Historical and Cultural Perspectives
A lecture given by Ludmilla Jordanova from World Art Studies at the University of East Anglia. She recently spoke at a conference titled Women and Literary History, held in Edmonton from September 11-13, 1997 and hosted by the Orlando Project of the University of Alberta.

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