Our Current Fourth-Year Psychology Honours and Research Certficate Students (2017/2018)

Cathy Agyemang

Thesis Project: The influence of reference frame on spatiotemporal metaphor comprehension

Supervisor: Christina Gagné and Thomas Spalding

C. Lorelei Baquiran

Thesis Project: Effects of speech accent on perception of physicians

Supervisor: Elena Nicoladis

Daniel Ennett

Thesis Project: Empathy and compassion’s effect on the resolution of the Requirements of Mourning

Supervisor: Takahiko Masuda

Bryce Sydney Hoy

Thesis Project: The effects of self-construal and gender role identification on social anxiety across cultures

Supervisor: Takahiko Masuda

Ashley Huang

Thesis Project: What is the relationship between alexithymia and schizotypy in a non-clinical population?

Supervisor: Peter Hurd

Maria Kaczmar

Thesis Project: The effects of uncertainty on perceptions of warmth and competence of male and female leaders

Supervisor: David Rast

Lane Liddle

Thesis Project: Preclinical investigations in the acute post-stroke period: How does routine behavioral assessment influence recovery from intracerebral hemorrhage?

Supervisor: Fred Colbourne

Christopher Linden

Thesis Project: Narratorial attitude can reduce the consistency effect

Supervisor: Peter Dixon

Angela C. Ma

Thesis Project: Identification with extremist groups: how important is entitativity?

Supervisor: David Rast

Rania Mahdi

Thesis Project: Focal object size and attention patterns between Western and East Asian cultures.

Supervisor: Takahiko Masuda

Jayasree Narayanan

Thesis Project: Language use and situated ethnic identity

Supervisor: Kimberly Noels

Tristan Pidner

Thesis Project: Informant discrepancies in school climate and adolescent internalizing problems

Supervisor: Wendy Hoglund

Devyn Rorem

Thesis Project: Sexual orientation and peer victimization in early adolescence

Supervisor: Wendy Hoglund

Rebecca Stuber

Thesis Project: Children's development of musical constructions and learnt affective meaning

Supervisor: Elena Nicoladis

Vivian Tran

Thesis Project: The effect of relative rank feedback on risky decision-making

Supervisor: Marcia Spetch

Michael Warren

Thesis Project: Looking at the association between inhibitory control, math, and literacy skills in childhood

Supervisor: Sandra Wiebe