Our Current Fourth-Year Psychology Honours and Research Certificate Students (2018/2019)

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Alexa Byrd

Thesis Project: What do you see in a face? How people see and describe emotions in a face

Supervisor: Esther Fujiwara

Nadine El-Halabi

Thesis Project: Language attitudes about Arabic dialects along the dimensions of competence and solidarity

Supervisor: Kim Noels

Rielle Gagnon

Thesis Project: Does music make marvellous minds? The effects of formal music training on the cognitive architecture of working memory

Supervisor: Elena Nicoladis

Devon Heath

Thesis Project: Fishing under pressure: The effects of time pressure on partial inhibition and its neural correlates in preschool children

Supervisor: Sandra Wiebe

Kai Huang

Thesis Project: Differences in the Emotionality of First and Second Languages in Bilingual Speakers

Supervisor: Elena Nicoladis

Karis Koh Hui En

Thesis Project: How language affects individuals' similarity perception of objects and perception of categories

Supervisor: Taka Masuda

Zoe Kruschke

Thesis Project: Red vs. Blue: How nonapeptides influence behavioural variation between Pelvicachromis pulcher colour morphologies

Supervisor: Peter Hurd

Amanda McIvor

Thesis Project: Social Psychology of Leadership and Gender

Supervisor: David Rast

Juliana Montoya Sanchez

Thesis Project: Double labeling of immediate early gene expression in response to songs and calls in Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata)

Supervisor: Christopher Sturdy

Princess Phiri

Thesis Project: "Where are you really from?" Identity denial and discrimination as implications of reflected appraisals for second generation Canadians

Supervisor: Kim Noels

Annie Porthukaran

Thesis Project: Visual processing of emotional face expressions in alexithymia

Supervisor: Esther Fujiwara