University of Alberta Pre-Vet/Animal Health Club

Welcome! This website contains all the info you could want with regards to what our club is and does, and how you can be a part of that.
Check out the sections below for quick information for this month. For any comments, questions or concerns, please email the club Webmaster at <>. For information on how to join the club, click here.


Snack Station
The prevet club now has a station with snacks availble during office hours. This will be stocked with all the best munchies and will have a reduced cost. Members can stop in during office hours to purchase food. (Variety of snacks may vary)

Meet the Executives

Our club's Executive Members are a group of 11 people who work hard to organize all the events and keep the club running smoothly. If you want to become a part of this team, you can join one of the VP committees! We have a volunteering, social, and fundraising committee you can be a part of. If you want to be an exec, the club has re-elections every year where you can run for positions (President must be a past exec member). If you want to know more about the amazing people we have this year on the exec team, click the button below!

Important Dates

General Meeting
Date TBA
Location TBA

Presentations from animal health professionals and schools will be listed in the Events page. Links will be emailed and/or posted to this webpage and our Facebook page: click here.

Featured Photos

Here are some pictures of club events from this year and previous years.


Alpacas 2019

Or Hardly Working

Alpacas 2019

The Masterpiece

Alpacas 2019


Alpacas 2019