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Optimization of mine planning and production scheduling (surface & underground)

We have developed methods and software packages that are compatible with the mentioned database. The mine planning department can use these methods and software packages to optimize the production schedule by maximizing the profit (NPV) under geological uncertainty. We offer value added professional services through design, optimization, and risk analysis of open pit and underground mining operations. We integrate expertise in mining engineering, optimization, mathematical programming, and risk analysis to create added value to your enterprise through sophisticated production scheduling solutions that delivers optimum efficiency while meeting all the technical and operational constraints.

We offer expertise at scoping, prefeasibility, feasibility, and operational  level in:







Following figures show the output of the developed software for block caving:

· Determining the best level of extraction

· Optimizing  the drawpoint spacing

· Determining the best advancement direction

· Generating the optimum sequence of extraction




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· Ore reserve estimation

· Open pit and underground mine design

· Open pit and underground mine optimization

· Strategic mine planning

· Long-term scheduling

· Cut-off grade optimization

· Multi-mine optimization, scheduling

· Strategic mining options optimization

· Schedule uncertainty assessment

· Project evaluation