Intelligent Wireless Technology Group IWT.

Intelligent Integrated Sensors and Antennas.


Welcome to the page of the Intelligent Wireless Technologies group in the Mechanical Engineering Department and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The market continues to be fueled by increased demand for an Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors. The wireless smart phone revolution of the past two decades is migrating to its Fifth Generation (5G); it is highly anticipated that “everything” is going to become connected and smart. The Internet of Everything is destined to connect, provide information, make informed decisions, and take actions accordingly. In the future ahead of us, more things will decide and communicate: autonomous driving, smart cities, intelligent homes, smart factories, smart energy delivery and smart industries will result from this ongoing research.
The aim of this program is to investigate multifunctional, multipurpose intelligent wireless devices that facilitate connection among sensors, people and machines in cities, roads, buildings and oilfields to a central location to pass critical information in real-time in an integrated environment. Such integrated systems will improve decision making, enhance productivity, increase safety, all while reducing costs. This approach involves various technologies: smart antennas for base stations; wireless devices operating from low GHz to mm-waves to address various 5G requirements; autonomous intelligent integrated sensor antennas with zero-power requirement; miniaturized transparent GPS antennas for self-driving vehicles; single conductor power and data methods for harsh environments to transfer power and data to sensors; and advanced software and hardware platforms for simple, fast and cost effective fault diagnostic characterizations of such wireless devices.