Monoclonal/Polyclonal Anti-D

Constituents Polyclonal/monoclonal blends of monoclonal IgM and polyclonal IgG anti-D are now available. These reagents are low protein antisera that require 6% albumin as an Rh control.

Indications for use
Monoclonal/polyclonal blend anti-D can be used as follows:

  1. as an alternative to saline anti-D for typing red cells with a positive DAT (both have a low protein concentration);
  2. for routine D typing as an alternative to slide and modified tube anti-D;
  3. for weak D (Du) typing (since it is IgG).

NOTE: Some labs do not set up an Rh control with low protein anti-D reagents unless the red cells being tested type as group AB Rh positive, i.e., react in all tubes containing low protein antisera. In this case, it is possible that a characteristic of the patient red cells (e.g., strongly positive DAT or Wharton's jelly in cord samples) could be causing spontaneous agglutination with the three low protein antisera. An Rh control is not needed for other groups because one negative result (with any of the antisera) can serve as the negative control.

Monoclonal/Polyclonal Anti-D

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