Swiss-Italy Trip September 2001

In September 2001 we took a holiday in Locarno in the Swiss canton of Ticino at the northern tip of Lake Maggiore near the Italian border.  Locarno is a picturesque town with a mild Mediterranean climate and a population of ~ 15,000. See a map of Switzerland and click on Ascona (only a few kilometres from Locarno). For general tourist information, see Cheryl Imboden's Switzerland for Visitors.

The idea was to spend a month by the lake and have an "Enchanted September" similar to Enchanted April. We had rented an apartment in Locarno (Palazzo Varesi) for the entire month and also bought a Swiss rail pass so that we could see some of the country.

The enchantment lasted until September 11, 2001 after which we spent a week glued to CNN and BBC, and then forced ourselves to resume the holiday that we had anticipated for so long.

Below are some pictures of the trip. CLICK ON EACH PHOTO to begin. 

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