There is a special lady, her name is Rosemarie
(it is not 'Rosemary' - be sure to write "ie").
The people she touched will remember her -
Students, staff and colleagues agree.
In and out of MLS she has been
(off to Africa in the interim)
And I met her in '84.

New ideas in teaching she would unfold
And try them out on those who were bold!
All her teaching she did with commitment and flare,
Always learning, and trying, expanding to share.
Hematology/coag were her forte
But so much more she did each day
She had little time in her chair!

Path 191: microscopes and pipettes,
QC and ethics were some she did get
(colored smarties and targets she had students do).
The library and blood collection,
The students learned them under her direction
So they really knew what to do.

On occasion she became a producer too,
Two videos did come into view.
The ethics one in 191 was filmed live with cast and crew.
The other showed phlebotomy with what you need to do.
And a slide-tape presentation of blood cells
The students used for review.

To MLSCI 320 she contributed so much
Computers and e-mail to keep us in touch;
Finding papers for students to review,
Exercises via computer too;
Helping with presentations and such.

In the 'olden' days of Path 401
Was it radioisotopes that she 'done'?
(did the students glow like the setting sun?)
Fluorescent mics that were tricky to use,
Then columns she inherited too(se),
Ion-exchange and gel were the types.

Resumes she taught in 401 back then
Became part of MLSCI 410.
The resume booklet that she produced
Gave job seekers a wonderful boost.

She helped the grads in other ways -
Organizing presentation days
When former grads came to talk about
Alternate paths that were their route
In doing a job that pays.
Working through CaPs and searching for ads
To keep posted through e-mail for job seeking grads.

Then further afield she extended herself
Into INT D and Telehealth.
To share what she knows in a different way
With those in other areas of health -
Many meetings she did attend.

We had different styles of learning you know
She showed she me other ways to go.
We complemented each other
In things we did together.
University Orientation Days (now called PreView)
She got the students interacting
While told them what they needed to do.

I will miss her kind way
And gentleness too.
A friend she has been every day.
Rosemarie, thanks, just for being you.
Good luck and God bless
In whatever you do.


Anne Williams
Colleague & friend, MLS