Friends, Romans, countrymen,

Shall we retire to the Pacific islands and the mango lifestyle?
Dear me. How did that get in here?

So Rosemarie is retiring. I can hardly believe it.
You see I know Rosemarie and saying adieu to
this happy force of energy is easier said than done.
It's like watching the X-files without a television set.
Things will be just plain flat without her.

Let's hope she won't completely retire.
We could sign a petition or maybe I could
paraphrase some Beatle lyrics:

Lady bike rider, headin' out the door
Will we still love you? Will we still need you
when we're ninety-four?

The answer is a resounding "yes!"
Now the orchestra of this tribute will play
"will ye no come back again"
and everyone can sing along.

Have a fine retirement, Rosemarie.

Peter A. Letendre