Dear Rosemarie,

We have ties that go back a long way in MLS. I followed you from high school into MLS because you made it sound so good and you even found me a room-mate. Remember Doris Imahashi and the basement suite at Brownings?

After graduation you became an instructor and taught the first class of second year MLS students their hematology labs in the new four year degree program. I started teaching those same students the following year in the hematology rotation of their clinical practicum (but we're not mentioning any dates!). I'll never forget the help and support you gave me during that "nightmare" first year of teaching as I came from being a Tech 11 in Chemistry to try to be a "knowledgeable" hematologist.

You left MLS shortly after, and MLS's loss was Africa's gain. When you came back to Edmonton you became my first "job-sharing partner." We had a great first year as we proved to Dr. Bell (H.E) that it could be done! I thought we were a team with a long, bright future ahead, but once again you were off to Africa and I was left looking for another partner.

A short time after Africa the second time, you were re-hired by MLS in your present position and once more we became teaching colleagues. I thank you for the many years we've worked together and all that you've done for me. I have appreciated your knowledge and professionalism, your honest critiques, the "gingerbread" cookies, but most of all your friendship.

MLS will miss your dedication to the program and all the time and effort you gave to the students. Enjoy your retirement - you have earned it!

Bonnie : )

Bonnie Ohashi
Colleague & friend, MLS