This one's for you Rosemarie!

It has been a distinct pleasure to work with such a fine individual as you for these returning years of my career. You have such a balance of nature in your soul that you receive- ever so politely- the jabs of a friendly face (now there is an assumption).

There's the grey haired lady comments.--No I've had to give those up.

There's the 'wait' class we shared and will continue to grunt and compare together...Buff rules!

There's the orientation difficulties you continue to portray. Now that can be a retirement project! Give up Scottish country dancing and take up orienteering! Another course we can take together. I guess it is the together part that I like!

There are the tremendous skills shown as RmC tries new things. And says maybe this will help the students learn and the absolute readiness to try something else or go back where she came from.

There have been exciting times and sad times and there is always angst to share and I hope that this retirement can be like the one that Dr. Collier demonstrated and you can continue to come in until you are over 80. You know----your next birthday.

Can you believe the questions RmC throws out at lunch just to get the conversation rolling?

I hope that you really understand just how much I will miss you.

The other 'buff' one
Colleague & friend, MLS