When I first arrived in MLS, I didn't know how to take anybody. My experiences with university professors in the past had not been the greatest and I expected much of the same.

It must have beeen the second week or so. We were in the classroom for a Thursday prelab session in hematology. Rosemarie had just finished giving us another load of homework. One of the students, (only those who were there know who), thought that enough was enough. This person told Rosemarie that MLS had way too much homework and by even adding more, how did the instructors expect us to get everything done, etc, etc.

I thought, "this is it." My thoughts were "hey, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Or even more appropriate, "We are all big boys and girls, it's time we started acting and WORKING like big boys and girls."

But Rosemarie was ready for it. I think it may have happened before. She was supportive almost to the point of being apologetic. Almost! She showed a great deal of patience and grace.

I believe that day has stuck in my mind because if it had have been me, I would have reacted the way I felt and would have ended up sounding like all those university professors that I had disliked in the past.

I think I really started learning that day. I found that I respected and liked somebody that I hadn't expected to. It was easy to open up my ears and listen after that.

Thank You Rosemarie.

Linda Forward
MLS Phase 3 student