When I learned that we were going to put together this collage of memories, I thought "how wonderful!" So, for a few days now, I've pondered what I would write.

Yesterday was the Canadian federal election and, as a political junkie, I watched hours of it, especially all the "post game" analysis. And I couldn't help but draw an analogy to Rosemarie.

Canadians voted to send five political parties to Ottawa, all representing different parts of the country and different mandates. Some political parties will be more fractious than others. What will make this difficult will be the balance that needs to be struck in order to bring Canada into the 21st century. In typical Canadian fashion, compromise will need to achieved.

Rosemarie represents what is best about the majority of Canadians. She operates from a firm foundation of principles, such as fairness, openness and the equitable treatment of all individuals. She constantly seeks compromise when faced with difficult student issues, while always recognizing the self-worth of others. Like the Canadian parliament, the team that teaches in MLS is a diverse group with different interests, all seeking to have their personal mandate fulfilled. Individuals like Rosemarie remind us, from time to time, in her gentle fashion, of larger issues and deeper concerns. How not to judge others without investigating underlying motives was one that Rosemarie recently reinforced with me.

Someone leaving gives us the opportunity to reflect and to fully appreciate their contribution. I will miss the "voice of reason." And I will never forget the individual who lived her life by her principles. Rosemarie is a true role model for fellow instructors and students.

Terry Chelich
Colleague & friend, MLS