Vive Le CSTM!

Quebec City, 2000


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Humble abode (136535 bytes)

Chateau Frontenac, our humble abode

Hang over city!(91635 bytes)

I knew that pub crawl was a mistake...

We won! (73709 bytes)

All together on the Plains of Abraham:

"We're happy--we won!"

Lucy's pals (90118 bytes)

Mrs. Fuchs: "Do I know these people?"

Babes-on-bed (83196 bytes)

Heather: "Gawd, it's great to be young!"

Lindsay's future staff (82373 bytes)

Lindsay: I'll be their boss--wait and see!"

Astrid and Mo's poster (94104 bytes)

Astrid: "I'll get you for this!"

Cheap threads!(184848 bytes)

"At $79.50 it's a bargain!"

Blood sisters (60623 bytes)

Blood Sisters Society


Sheila's ex-staff (122664 bytes)

Sheila: "I'll lure them back yet!"