How to Access CLSEDUC Archives

Last updated: 4 Nov. 2013
It's possible to access CLSEDUC messages using only web archives, not e-mail. Or you can still get daily messages (or the digest) and use these instructions to search the archives.
First you need to get a password, which takes only a couple of minutes, as described below.

INSTRUCTIONS (Links show screen shots of what you will see.)

1. Go to the CLSEDUC website and click "Get Password"  - Website URL is <>

2. On the Register Password page, enter your e-mail address (it must be the one you registered with on the list) and choose a password that's easy to remember. Enter it twice and click Register Password. (If it does not recognize your e-mail address, contact Pat, who will update your address.)

3. Next you will see the Confirmation Sent screen, which tells you that an e-mail message has been sent and that you must activate your password.

4. You will receive an e-message with Subject line: Command confirmation request. To confirm, click on the URL as directed.

5. Clicking on the e-mail URL will take you to the Listerv Command Response page. Click Log In at the top right of the screen (or go to the CLSEDUC website)

6. On the Log In screen, enter your password and click Log In.

7. The web archives screen will appear.

That's it. You can now browse or search the web archives. You can also go on "nomail" and access the list solely by using the archives, and even post a message using the web.

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