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Previous Graduate Students

Amponsah, Isaac, U of A,, 2000-2003, PhD (completed December 2003), Factors influencing variability in lodgepole pine responses to N fertilization. (co-supervisor).

Cortini, Francesco, U of A, 2004 - 2007, MSc (Completed October 2007), Responses of 3 coastal conifer species to competition from paper birch and red alder.

Cortini, Francesco, U of A, 2008-2011, PhD (Completed October 2011), Growth and yield implications of site preparation, competition control, and climate in the western boreal forest.

Filipescu, Cosmin, U of A, 2001-2009, PhD (Completed April 2009), Dynamics of competition in boreal mixedwood stands.

Griffith, Sheelah, U of A 2005-2008, MSc (Completed August 2008). Response of understory vegetation to pre-commercial thinning in boreal mixedwood forests.

Lochhead, Kyle, U of A 2008-2011, MSc (Completed January 2011). The influence of forest structure on light and regeneration in complex coniferous stands.

Man, Cosmin, U of A, 2003 - 2006, MSc (completed April 2006), Influence of aspen and herbaceous vegetation on resource availability and spruce growth.

Pritchard, Janet, U of A, 2001 - 2003, MSc (completed July 2003), Effects of radius of aspen removal on light and frost incidence.

Reyes-Hernandez, U of A, 2006-2014. PhD (Completed January 2014). Stockability, relative density and productivity: investigating their link in boreal mixedwoods.

Voicu, Mihai, U of A, 2002 - 2004, MSc (Completed October 2004), Spatial influences of young aspen in adjacent openings.