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Boreal Mixedwoods 2012– Ecology and Management for Multiple Values


June 17-20, 2012







  Delta Edmonton South, Edmonton, Alberta








Mixedwood forests are an ecologically and economically prominent and important component of Canada’s boreal forest.  A wealth of knowledge relating to the ecology and management of boreal mixedwood forests has been developed over the past 20 years, by researchers and forest managers.



The Boreal Mixedwoods 2012 conference provided a forum for presentation and discussion of current knowledge relating to the ecology and management of mixedwood stands and landscapes to achieve ecological, social and economic objectives. This included evolving opportunities to improve the value of products being produced from these forests.


The conference was hosted by the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and the University of Alberta.  The program included invited keynote speakers, volunteer papers, discussion sessions, and a volunteer poster session.


We are grateful to everyone who helped with the organization of this event and to everyone who participated.




























Conference Program with links to available powerpoint presentations (saved in pdf format). To open presentations, click (presentation)


Sunday June 17, 2012 1900-2100 - Registration and Opening Reception (Crystal Gallery)

Monday June 18


A – Empire Room

B – Imperial Room


Registration and Poster Setup



Opening and Welcome - Phil Comeau (Univ. of Alberta) and Dan MacIsaac (Canadian Wood Fibre Centre) (presentation)



Hon. David Dorward, MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar – Welcoming Remarks on behalf of the Province of Alberta



Yves Bergeron – Dynamics of Mixedwood Ecosystems (presentation)



Han Chen –Diversity and Forest Productivity(presentation)






Canadian Wood Fibre Centre: Working together to optimize wood fibre value – creating forest sector solutions with FPInnovations (presentation)

  1. Who are we and our role within the Canadian Forest Service and FPInnovations. George Bruemmer, Executive Director CWFC
  2. Overview of our Research Framework and Key Output Areas. Talkshow hosted by Derek Sidders, Program Manager CWFC, Prairies and NWT.Speakers: CWFC National Research Leaders
  3. Boreal Plains Mixedwood Fibre Initiative.  Talkshow hosted by Derek Sidders. Speakers: Regional CWFC Researchers and Developers



Lunch (Royal Room)



Session 1a – Ecology (Moderator: Dave Cheyne)

Session 1b  - Silviculture (Moderator: Gitte Grover)


David Andison - Natural wildfire patterns in western boreal forests (presentation)

Dan MacIsaac - The effects of physical interactions and understory light conditions on long-term stand dynamics in white spruce-aspen boreal mixedwoods (presentation)


Manuella Strukelj - Deadwood and fine litter dynamics following complete and partial harvesting of boreal mixedwood forest (presentation)

Doug Pitt - Early vegetation control for the regeneration of a single-cohort, intimate mixture of white spruce and trembling aspen on upland boreal sites – 7 year results (presentation)


Richard Kabzems - Aspen and white spruce productivity is reduced by organic matter removal and soil compaction (presentation)

Hongan Yan - Competitive effects and equivalence of woody and herbaceous vegetation in a young boreal mixedwood stand (presentation)


David McNabb - Effective Practices to Restore Soil on Previous Industrial sites in Boreal Forests (presentation)

Brian Harvey - Effects of partial cutting in aspen-dominated stands on the eastern edge of the boreal mixedwood (presentation)





 Session 2a – Growth and Yield (Moderator: Brian Harvey)

Session 2b – Planning (Moderator: Ken Greenway)


Erik Valinger - Volume yield of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) and downy birch (Betula pubescens Ehrh) grown in mixed or pure stands under Boreal conditions (presentation)

Chao Li - End product-based inventory valuation to support multi-purpose forest management (presentation)


Art Groot - Are mixtures of white spruce and trembling aspen more productive than pure stands? (presentation not available)

Asghedom Ghebremichael-  Exploring synergetic nexus between sustainable forest ecosystem management and technological progress in regionally segmented Canadain logging industries: Normative Analysis and Nonparametric Modeling Approaches (presentation)


Valentin Reyes-Hernandez - Static and dynamic limits for maximum biomass – density relationships in boreal mixedwoods (presentation not available)

Ellen Macdonald - Similarities and differences between natural post-fire and post-harvest regeneration on upland sites in Alberta: what does this mean for the future? (presentation)

1650 -1800

 Poster viewing and No Host Bar (Empire Room)

Meeting of CIF Forest Ecology Working Group (1700-1740) (Imperial Room)

Tuesday June 19


A – Empire Room

B – Imperial Room


Rongzhou Man – Mixedwood Silviculture in Ontario (presentation)



Vic Lieffers – Natural and inexpensive means of regenerating boreal mixedwood forests (presentation)






Session3a: - Global Change (Moderator: Dave Price)

Session 3b – Stand Dynamics (Moderator: Art Groot)


David Price -What of climate change for the boreal mixedwoods of Canada? (presentation)

Jianguo Huang - Effect of competition on retrospective stem growth of white spruce and trembling aspen at mid-rotation age in western Canadian boreal mixed forest (presentation)


Dave Sauchyn -Moisture cycles and trends in Alberta forests (presentation)

Willi Fast - Modeling juvenile aspen-spruce growth dynamics: Preliminary results from the Dynamic Aspen Density Experiment (DADE) (presentation)


Ted Hogg - Challenges in assessing drought impacts on boreal aspen and mixedwood stands in western Canada (presentation)

Claudia Rivera-Rios - Long term analysis of the effect of release treatments on the total volume of central mixedwood stands: a carbon perspective (presentation)


Francesco Cortini - Trembling aspen competition, climate, and site preparation effects on white spruce growth in boreal forests of Western Canada (presentation)

Brigitte Grover - White spruce understory protection: From planning to growth & yield implications (presentation)


lunch (Royal Room)



Doug Pitt – Advanced tools for Inventory (presentation)



Session 4a - Beyond Breakup - Dynamics of old boreal aspen and mixedwood stands (moderator: Richard Kabzems)

Session 4b: New Developments in the Mixedwood Growth Model for the Western Boreal (Mike Bokalo and Ken Stadt)


Julien Moulinier - Forest succession and gap dynamics in boreal aspen and mixedwood stands following a forest tent caterpillar outbreak in north-western Quebec (presentation)

Mike Bokalo - Part 1 - General Description


Norm Kenkel - Long-term direct observations of old-growth boreal mixedwood forest stand dynamics in west-central Manitoba (presentation)

Ken Stadt - Part 2 - Growth and Adjacency Models in MGM - Structural Features for Modeling Complex Stands (presentation)


Paul LeBlanc - Incorporating multi-cohort old aspen and mixedwood dynamics into a long term forest management plan (presentation)

Mike Bokalo - Part 3 - MGM Demonstration





Shongming Huang - Modeling the long-term productivity and successional pathways of aspen in Alberta (presentation)

Diana Osika - Quantifying local effects of deciduous competition on white spruce height growth and site index in the western boreal (presentation)


Session 5a – Silviculture II (Moderator: Richard Kabzems)

Session 5b – Regeneration (Moderator: Ken Stadt)



Amalesh Dhar - Impact of variable broadleaf density on spruce growth near Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson in northern British Columbia (presentation)

Vic Lieffers - Sucker regeneration of aspen – perceptions and misconceptions (presentation)



Poster Session (Empire Room)




Banquet (Top of the Inn) (Dinner at 1900)




Wednesday June 20


Empire Room



Panel on Policy Issues (Ken Greenway chair)
Panel Members: Qc Nicolas Lecomte, ON  Rongzhou Man (presentation), SK Vicki Gauthier, AB Ken Greenway, BC Allan Powelson








Glen Armstrong – Economic Considerations for Mixedwood Management (presentation)




Dan MacIsaac - Challenges in Mixedwood Management: What have we learned over the past 25 years (presentation)




Lunch (Royal Room)




Panel Discussion - Opportunities and Challenges (Phil Comeau Chair) Panel Members: Vic Lieffers, George Bruemmer, Yves Bergeron (presentation), Gordon Whitmore (presentation), Paul LeBlanc (presentation). ...... (Session summary)




Phil Comeau - Mixedwood management for the late 21st century – what might the future hold? (presentation)




Closing Remarks – Dan MacIsaac and Phil Comeau (presentation)




Printable (pdf) conference program is available here.


The conference package containing the program and abstracts is available here.


Conference proceedings will be published in a special issue of the Forestry Chronicle. Anticipated publication date is mid-2013.





 Continuing Studies Credits:

Conference attendees are eligible to apply for continuing studies credits with the College of Alberta Professional Forests or College of Alberta Professional Forest Technologists. For full conference attendance (all 3 days) CAPF will credit 17 hours Level 1 G/T and 1.5 hours Level 1 LPP. CAPFT will credit up to 18 hours Cat1 Area 2.








Optional Post Conference Tour – A 2 day technical field tour followed the formal conference. The tour profiled boreal mixedwood management systems contributing to a sustainable and competitive forest industry in Alberta, following the conference theme. 












For more information contact:

Phil Comeau – Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton
phil.comeau@ales.ualberta.ca; telephone: 780-492-1879




Dan MacIsaac – Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Edmonton,

e-mail: dan.macisaac@nrcan.gc.ca; telephone: 780-904-5462






The conference was made possible with support from the following agencies and organizations:

Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association



Government of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development






CIF Forest Ecology Working Group