Mapping Project

Mapping children's cancer and environmental carcinogenic emissions in Canada: a GIS-based framework for supporting multidisciplinary research and surveillance.

The project assumes that publicly existing databases as they are, will allow for the construction of the necessary maps to co-locate particular variables in space and time.

We use data from 1996 – 2007 on carcinogens released into the air from the National Pollution Release Inventory; incidence of children’s cancer from the Provincial Cancer Registries; demographic and socioeconomic data from Statistics Canada; weather data from Environment Canada; land use data from Natural Resources Canada.

In addition to the correlation analysis of spatially and temporally aligned variables with cancer incidence, the project will address the challenges of:

1) communicating research results with locational maps without disclosing individual’s information, by using data transformations (e.g. rasterization);
2) constructing a proxy for exposure modelling of pollutants dispersion;

3) integrating heterogeneous databases of temporal and geographical information to apply data mining techniques, and

4) facilitating knowledge translation to decision makers by developing new data visualization tools (e.g. ad hoc web site, animations, etc.).


A Osornio Vargas 2017