PAED 543

Children's Health and the Environment


The course addresses growing evidence on the role of early life environmental exposures (biological, physical, chemical and social) asаcrucialаdeterminants of childhood and adult conditions like impaired development,аasthma,аor cancer. Despite the growing interest in potential health risks of environmental concerns in Canada, there are insufficient training opportunities for Children, Health and the Environment. The interdisciplinary nature of this course aims toаattractаstudents fromаmultipleаdisciplines to fulfill theаneedаfor formal training around a currentаtopicаwith increasing demands and public awareness. This year, the course will focus on Climate Change and Air Pollution. Students will gain skills in knowledge translation/mobilization using an online multimedia mapping platform to help tell inspiring, immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other digital content.а

Winter 2021а

Starting January 4, 2021

15:30, ECHA 1-153

ай A Osornio Vargas 2021