Omar Rivasplata

Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta

Office: 1-47 Athabasca Hall

Here is my Curriculum Vitae
(Last updated: some time in 2016)

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Since Fall 2016, I am working with Csaba in Statistical Machine Learning. I am finding bandit algorithms quite interesting. And there is online learning and reinforcement learning. It seems that optimization is one pervasive theme in machine learning, though it comes up in a variety of flavours and colours that it isn't boring. Plus just optimization doesn't quite do it... to really be talking about learning one has to pay attention to generalization. This winter term I am doing some deep learning.

I spent some time with Mauricio's group looking at some signal analysis related things. Before that I was working with Sasha and Nicole using some geometric functional analysis and probability for estimating the smallest singular value of a sparse random matrix. Even before that I worked with Byron on reversibility of a Brownian motion with drift. As an undergrad, I had fun with a project with Loretta about repeated games with incomplete information.

Research Interests
Machine Learning.   Statistical Learning.   Bandit Algorithms.   Probability Theory.   Random Processes.   Geometric Functional Analysis.   Random Matrices.  

  • A.E. Litvak, O. Rivasplata, Smallest singular value of sparse random matrices. Studia Math., 212, 3 (2012), 195-218. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, Subgaussian random variables: An expository note. Unpublished note. PDF
  • J. Rychtar, O. Rivasplata, B. Schmuland, Reversibility for diffusions via quasi-invariance. Acta Univ. Carolin. Math. Phys., 48, 1 (2007), 3-10. PDF
  • J. Rychtar, O. Rivasplata, C. Sykes, Evolutionary games in finite populations. Pro Mathematica, 20, 39/40 (2006), 147-164. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, B. Schmuland, Invariant and reversible measures for random walks on Z. Pro Mathematica, 19, 37/38 (2005), 117-124. PDF

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Writing aids
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Peruvian Links
Instituto de Matemática y Ciencias Afines
My birth town is Trujillo, the marinera dance town.
Sometimes people ask me about Machu Picchu, it's a great place to see.
They ask me less about Arequipa though it is also a great place to visit.
But sometimes they ask me about Pisco.

Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta
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Edmonton, AB T6G 2E8
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