Omar Rivasplata

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Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta

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Research Interests
Foundations of AI.   Machine Learning.   Statistical Learning Theory.   Probability and Statistics.  

I work with John Shawe-Taylor at UCL and with Csaba Szepesvári at DeepMind. Actually these days I work from home. People I work with at UCL include María Pérez-Ortiz and Benjamin Guedj. People I work with at DeepMind include Laurent Orseau, Marcus Hutter, Claire Vernade, Ilja Kuzborskij, András György, Tor Lattimore from my own team (Foundations); and Razvan Pascanu, Amal Rannen-Triki, Soham De, Sam Smith from friend teams.

In the Fall term of 2016 I joined the Department of Computer Science at the U of A, to work in Statistical Machine Learning. This is fascinating! Besides statistical learning I am also interested in other learning frameworks such as online learning and reinforcement learning, and of course deep learning, which is quite popular these days. It looks that optimization is one pervasive theme in machine learning, though it comes up in such a variety of flavours and colours that it isn't boring. It reminds of the least action principle of Maupertuis, saying that "everything happens as if some quantity was to be made as small as possible." (This principle has lead the optimists to believe that we live in the best possible world.) But just optimization doesn't quite do it for machine learning... to really be talking about learning one has to pay attention to generalization!

Much Before
I spent some time with Mauricio's group looking at signal analysis related things. Before that I was working with Sasha and Nicole using geometric functional analysis and probability for estimating the smallest singular value of a sparse random matrix. Even before that I worked with Byron on reversibility of a Brownian motion with drift. As an undergrad, with Loretta I worked on a fun project about repeated games with incomplete information.

Talks (sample)
  • Tighter risk certificates for (probabilistic) neural networks. UCL Centre for AI. Slides Video
  • Statistical Learning Theory: A Hitchhiker's Guide. NeurIPS 2018 Tutorial. (with J. Shawe-Taylor) Slides Video

Submitted Papers
  • M. Haddouche, B. Guedj, O. Rivasplata, J. Shawe-Taylor, Upper and Lower Bounds on the Performance of Kernel PCA. Submitted (2020). PDF
  • M. Pérez-Ortiz, O. Rivasplata, J. Shawe-Taylor, Cs. Szepesvári, Tighter risk certificates for neural networks. Submitted (2020). PDF

Undergoing Renovations
  • M. Haddouche, B. Guedj, O. Rivasplata, J. Shawe-Taylor, PAC-Bayes unleashed: Generalisation bounds with unbounded losses. (2020). PDF

Conference & Journal Papers
  • L. Orseau, M. Hutter, O. Rivasplata, Logarithmic pruning is all you need. NeurIPS 2020 . PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, I. Kuzborskij, Cs. Szepesvári, J. Shawe-Taylor, PAC-Bayes Analysis Beyond the Usual Bounds. (Upgrade of the 2019 workshop paper with the same title.) NeurIPS 2020. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, E. Parrado-Hernández, J. Shawe-Taylor, S. Sun, Cs. Szepesvári, PAC-Bayes bounds for stable algorithms with instance-dependent priors. NeurIPS 2018. PDF
  • A.E. Litvak, O. Rivasplata, Smallest singular value of sparse random matrices. Studia Math., 212, 3 (2012), 195-218. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, J. Rychtar, B. Schmuland, Reversibility for diffusions via quasi-invariance. Acta Univ. Carolin. Math. Phys., 48, 1 (2007), 3-10. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, J. Rychtar, C. Sykes, Evolutionary games in finite populations. Pro Mathematica, 20, 39/40 (2006), 147-164. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, B. Schmuland, Invariant and reversible measures for random walks on Z. Pro Mathematica, 19, 37/38 (2005), 117-124. PDF

Workshop Papers
  • M. Pérez-Ortiz, O. Rivasplata, J. Shawe-Taylor, Cs. Szepesvári, Towards self-certified learning: Probabilistic neural networks trained by PAC-Bayes with Backprop. NeurIPS 2020 Workshop - Beyond BackPropagation. PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, I. Kuzborskij, Cs. Szepesvári, J. Shawe-Taylor, PAC-Bayes Analysis Beyond the Usual Bounds. NeurIPS 2019 Workshop - Machine Learning with Guarantees. PDF

Unpublished Notes
  • O. Rivasplata, A note on a confidence bound of Kuzborskij and Szepesvári. (2021) PDF
  • O. Rivasplata, Subgaussian random variables: An expository note. (2012) PDF

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My birth town is Trujillo, the marinera dance town.
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They ask me less about Arequipa though it is also a great place to visit.
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