Norman R. Brown

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For the past several years, two themes have united my research in Cognitive Psychology. First, I'm interested in how people acquire, organize, and utilize real-world knowledge (i.e., facts about the world learned through experience). Second, I have been developing a general multiple-strategies approach to mnemonic and numerical judgement. This approach is concerned with identifying strategies people use when they perform a given judgement task, characterizing behavioral consequences of competing strategies, specifying factors that influence strategy selection, and improving estimation performance.

Currently, I am conducting a variety of projects directly related to one or both of these themes. These projects deal with the following topics:

  • Organization of personal events in autobiographical memory
  • Autobiographical memory, historical processes, & collective memory
  • Representation and use of information about event frequencies
  • Representation and use of geographical knowledge
  • Knowledge-based updating of real-world knowledge
  • Knowledge-based and conversational accounts of judgmental biases
  • Risk perception and learning

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P538 Department of Psychology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6G 2E9