Selected Publications

Research Monographs

1.     W Kuo and M J Zuo, Optimal Reliability Modeling: Principles and Applications, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2003

2.     R Jiang and M J Zuo, Reliability Models and Applications (in Chinese), Mechanical Industry Press, Beijing, 1999.


Selected Journal Articles

Condition Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis

  1. XF Fan, MJ Zuo, and XD Wang, “Identification of weak ultrasonic signals in metallic materials testing using wavelet transform.” Smart Materials and Structures. Accepted August 23, 2006
  2. KO Kim and MJ Zuo, “Two fault classification methods for large systems when available data is limited.” Reliability Engineering and System Safety. Accepted February 6, 2006.
  3. XF Fan and MJ Zuo, “Gearbox fault detection using Hilbert and wavelet-packet transforms”. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. 20: 966–982, 2006.
  4. XF Fan and MJ Zuo, “Fault diagnosis of machines based on D-S evidence theory, Part 1. D-S evidence theory and its improvement”, Pattern Recognition Letters. 27: 366–376, 2006.
  5. J Lin and M J Zuo, "Extraction of periodic components for gearbox diagnosis combining wavelet filtering and cyclostationary analysis". Journal of Vibration and Acoustics. 126 (3): 449-451, 2004.
  6. J Lin and M J Zuo, “Gearbox fault diagnosis using adaptive wavelet filter”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. 17 (6), 1259-1269, 2003.
  7. H.-X Li, and M J Zuo. "A hybrid approach for identification of root causes and reliability improvement of a die bonding process --- a case study", Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 64 (1), 43-48, 1999.

Reliability Theory and Models

  1. MJ Zuo, Zhigang Tian, and Hongzhong Huang, “An efficient method for reliability evaluation of multi-state networks,” IIE Transactions, Accepted August 23, 2006.
  2. HZ Huang, X Tong, and M J Zuo, “Posbist fault tree analysis of coherent systems”. Reliability Engineering and System Safety. 84 (2): 141-148, 2004.
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  7. M J Zuo, R Jiang, and R C M Yam. "Approaches for reliability modeling of continuous state devices", IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. 48, No. 1, 9-18, 1999.

Design Optimization & Maintenance Optimization

  1. ZG Tian and MJ Zuo, “Redundancy allocation for multi-state systems using physical programming and genetic algorithms”, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Special issue on GA in Reliability. 91: 1049–1056, 2006.
  2. H Huang, ZG Tian, and MJ Zuo, “Intelligent interactive multiobjective optimization method and its application to reliability optimization”. IIE Transactions. 37: 983 – 993, 2005.
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