Mauricio D Sacchi

1 Contribution to the training of highly qualified personnel

  • SAIG Theses
  • 1.1 Graduate students I have supervised (Theses completed)

    1. Ismael Vera Rodriguez, PhD 2012, Near real-time estimation of the seismic source parameters in a compressed domain (Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center, UK)
    2. David Bonar, MSc 2012, Sparsity and group sparsity constrained spectral decomposition of seismic data (Encana, Calgary)
    3. Jiajun Gao, PhD 2012, 5D seismic data reconstruction via Multichannel Singular Spectrum Analysis (Assitant Professor, China University of Geoscience, Beijing China)
    4. Sam T Kapan, PhD 2010, Regularized wave equation migration for imaging and data reconstruction (Chevron, San Ramon, CA)
    5. Vicente Oropeza, MSc 2010, The Singular Spectrum Analysis method and its application to seismic data denoising and reconstruction (Shell Canada, Calgary)
    6. Baoli Wang, PhD 2010 Amplitude preserving Radon-demultiple, China Scholarship Council (Assistant Professor, University of Petroleum Geoscience East China)
    7. Amsalu Anagaw, MSc 2009, Total variation and adjoint state methods for seismic wavefield imaging (UofA PhD program)
    8. Wubshet Alemie, MSc 2009, Regularization of the AVO inverse problem by means of a Multivariate Cauchy Probability distribution (UofA PhD program)
    9. Mostafa Naghizadeh, PhD 2009, Parametric reconstruction of multidimensional seismic records (Shell Canada, Calgary)
    10. Somanath Misra, PhD, 2008, Global optimization with application to Geophysics (BHP, Houston)
    11. Naser Yousefzadeh, MSc 2008, Least-squares prestack time migration (PhD Program, UofC, Calgary)
    12. Soner Bekleric, MSc, 2007, Non-linear time series analysis via Volterra series (PGS)
    13. Cristina Moldoveanu-Constantinesu, MSc, 2006, Coherent noise attenuation using Radon techniques (ION geo, Calgary)
    14. Juefu Wang, PhD 2005, 3-D Least-squares Wave-equation AVP/AVA Migration of common Azimuth data (Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Postdoctoral Fellow, now with CGGVeritas , Calgary)
    15. Jiang Feng, MSc 2004, Rock properties inversion with Kirchhoff AVA migration/inversion (Husky, Calgary)
    16. Liu Bin, PhD 2004 , Multi-dimensional reconstruction of seismic data (CGGVeritas, Houston)
    17. Henning Kuehl, PhD 2002, Least squares AVA/AVP wave equation migration/inversion (Shell, The Netherlands)
    18. Veronica Martinez, MSc 2002, Stratigraphic filtering in the Western Canadian Basin (Geopark, Buenos Aires)
    19. Carrie Youzwishen, MSc 2001, Non-linear sparse and blocky constraints for seismic inverse problems (Husky, Calgary)
    20. Qiang Li, MSc 2000, High-resolution hyperbolic Radon transform multiple removal (Saudi Aramco)
    21. Liu Bin, MSc 1999, Kirchhoff migration in compressed spaces (CGGVeritas, Houston)

    1.2 Students I have co-supervised

    1. Sean Contenti, MSc 2012, Regional reflectivity analyses of the upper mantle using SS precursors and receiver functions, co-supervised with Dr. Jeff Gu, Physics (Imperial Oil, Calgary)
    2. Karol Rohraff, MSc 2011, Time series processing: stratigraphic and paleoclimatic implications, co-supervised with Dr Vadim Kravchinsky (Shell Canada, Calgary)
    3. Li, Hongjiang, MSc 2011, Inversion of ultrasonic data for bone characterization, co-supervised with Dr L. Le, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Telecommunication industry, Beijing, China).
    4. Rui (Rachel) Zheng, PhD 2011, Acoustic imaging of bone density, co-supervised with Dr L. Le, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (PDF, Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics, Marseille, France)
    5. Yuling An, MSc 2007, Imaging mantle discontinuities and velocity structures using the Radon transform, co-supervised with Dr. Jeff Gu, Physics (CGGVeritas, Calgary)
    6. Sharareh Karmand, MSc, 2006, Eigenstructure-based signal processing for geophysical data analysis, co-supervised with Frances Fenrich, Physics (Physics instructor, Grant McEwan University, Edmonton, AB)
    7. Yifu Qiu, MSc 2006, Ultrasonic wave dispersion and attenuation in cancellous bone, Co-supervised with Dr L. Le, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (Geo-System, Calgary)
    8. Randy Zhang, MSc, 2005, Simultaneous inversion of time-lapse data, Co-supervised with D. Schmitt (Gedco, Calgary)

    1.3 Graduate students currently under my supervision

    Expected date of program finalization is also indicated. These students are funded by the industrial partners of SAIG (Signal Analaysis and Imaging Group), NSERC and Alberta Innovates Technology Future.

    1. Nadia Kreimer, PhD, 5D seismic data reconstruciton via HOSVD and Nuclear Norm optimization tensor completion (September 2013)
    2. Ricardo Rebollo, Least-squares migration/inversion for seismic footprint reduction, PhD student at Univeridad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. Co-supervized with Dr P. Gauzellino (March 2013)
    3. Amsalu Anagaw, PhD, Non-linear full waveform inversion (September 2013)
    4. Wubshet Alemie, PhD, Waveform imaging and regularization applications to CO2 sequestration (December 2013)
    5. Aaron Stanton, PhD, Converted wave reconstruction (September 2013)
    6. Rob Ferner, MSc, Reliable BW extension (September 2013)
    7. Nasser Kazemri Nojadeh, PhD, Acquistion design for optimal seismic data reconstruction (September 2014)
    8. Amr Ibrahim, PhD, Robust denosing methods for simultaneous source processing (September 2014)
    9. Sohel Bhuiyanm, PhD, Compressive sensing for realistic acquisition (non random) design (Septermber 2015)
    10. Kevin Cheng, PhD, Tensor algebra for simultaneous source separation (Septermber 2015)
    11. Ke Chen, MSc, Robust rank-reduction methods for coherent noise elimination and data completion (September 2013)
    12. Daniel Perez, PhD, High Resolution AVO inversion (December 2013) (Co-supervized with Dr D Velis at UNLP, Argentina)

    1.4 Supervision of postdoctoral fellows

    1. Dr Emmanuel Bongajum, current, Geostatistical seismic data inversion (Research project with Dr J. Boisvert, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineerig)
    2. Dr Juan Ignacio Sabbione, current, fast (real time) denoising of microseismic records (reseach project in collaboration with Dr Velis, UNLP, Argentina)
    3. Dr Khalid Miah, June 2009-September 2011, Fractional Fourier Transforms (PDF, Petrophysics Group at UofA)
    4. Dr Mostafa Naghizadeh , September 2009-December 2009, Curvelet transform regularization and coherent noise removal (Shell Canada, Calgary)
    5. Dr Ulrych Theune , 2003-2005, 3D seismic noise attenuation (Statoil Research Centre, Norway)
    6. Dr Jeremy Gallop, 1999-2000, Elastic inversion (Cenovus, Calgary)
    7. Dr Yexin Liu, 2000-2001, Lithology prediction with Support Vector Machines (Consultant in Calgary)

    1.5 Supervision of undergraduate projects and summer students

    1. Haiyang Hu, summer 2012, UofA-International summer intern, Sparse minimum phase deconolution and surface consistent sparse deconvolution (MSc student, Electrical Eng., Tsinghua University)
    2. Rob Ferner, summer 2011, Research Assistant, Tunable Q-wavelet decomposition (MSc geophysic program, University of Alberta)
    3. Mark Simms, summer 2011, Research Assistant, Non-minimum phase deconvolution
    4. Kenny Kocon, 2009, NSERC Undergraduate Student Award, Learning basis functions for seismic data processing (ESG Solutions, Kingston Ontario)
    5. Dave Bonar, 2008, NSERC Undergraduate Student Award, Predictive deconvolution to attenuate internal multiples produced by seam coals (Encana, Calgary)
    6. Lauren Stiglitz, 2008, NSERC Undergraduate Student Award, Experimental measurement of acoustic waves in bones (Co-supervized with Dr L. Le) (CGGV, Calgary)
    7. Devin Baillie, 2007, Phys 499, Imaging by seismic waves propagation and back-propagation (UofA grad program)
    8. Patrick Findley, 2001, Phys 499, GPR surveying applied to archaeological studies (EAA, Edmonton)
    9. Josh Harrison, 2001, Phys 499, Analysis of teleseismic data using receiver functions ( Shell Canada, Calgary)
    10. Sean Chapman, 2000, Phys 499, Non-stationary deconvolution, 2000 (Encana Ltd, Calgary)
    11. Carl Reine, 2000, Phys 499, Coherence measures for fault detection (Nexen, Calgary)
    12. Coleen Wellehan, 1999, Phys 499, Reverse time migration (Encana Petroleum, Calgary)
    13. Scott Sverdhal, 1998, Phys 499, Seismic tomography using constrained linear inversion (CNRL, Calgary)
    14. Carrie Youzwishen, 1998, Phys 499, Integral geometry and the Radon Transform (Husky, Calgary)

    Phys 499: Physics research project for undegraduate students.