·        MSc. Student enrolled in Engineering Management Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Alberta.                                         (September 2008-Present)

·        Assistant Manager at Tata Motors Limited, Pune, India. Worked in Strategic Sourcing, Manufacturing and Engineering Research divisions.                   (July 2007-August 2008)

·        Bachelor of Technology in Manufacturing Sc. & Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India.                                             (August 2003-June 2007)


 Title: Evaluation of the near wall flow fields using PIV technique and modelling of the erosive damage caused by solids entrained in the fluid of an impeller agitated mixing vessel.

Motivation: Solids entrained in the fluid can gain sufficient kinetic energy to hit the walls of a mixing vessel and erode the material. This will adversely affect the performance and the life of the vessel.

Limits of the state of art: Agitated vessels are widely used in process industry for mixing, dispersion and suspension of liquid-liquid, liquid-solids and liquid-gas-solids mixtures. Hence many efforts have been made to model the flow field in the vessel to enable better control on mass and heat transfer. The damage accumulation in the agitated vessel, however have not received much attention especially the erosive damage on the walls.

Objective: Model the damage in the form of material removal from the walls of vessel.

Solution methodology:  The solution is three-step:                           

1)      Determination and validation of the flow structure in the vessel: Existing flow model used and PIV experiments will be used to validate the model.

2)      Determination of the solids motion: Modified Stokes drag formula was used.

3)      Use of appropriate erosion equation to determine the amount of material removed.


·        Modeling for flow, particle motion and the erosion mechanism has been done.

·        Experimental planning has been done.

·        Procurement and set-up of apparatus in progress.

·        Future work: Interpretation and analysis of the results.

Completion Date:  September 2010

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