Name: Suheil El-Sayed 

Biographical notes:

·         Completed a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering  from the University of Alberta (2004)

·         Worked in the oil and gas industry from Sept 2004 to August 2007

·         Currently an M.Sc. student in Engineering Management since Sept 2007

·         A successful thesis defense was performed in April 2010

·         Currently performing some revisions to thesis before final submission

Project Title: A Simple Parametric Wear Model for a Slurry Pipeline with Bed Flow

Slurry transport is a key process in a number of industries. In transporting mined oilsands, slurry pipelining promotes conditioning to release and aerate bitumen prior to separation. Reliability of slurry transport pipelines is a major ongoing problem for operating companies due to unexpected piping failures. To date, no accurate model has been developed to predict wear rates in slurry transport pipelines, although previous studies have shown that some process variables are important such as flow rate, slurry density, and particle size distribution.  This work investigates erosion wear mechanisms causing inner pipe wall wear due to sand slurry flow in a horizontal section of pipe under steady state conditions.

Progress to Date:

A corresponding lumped-parameter erosion wear model was developed based on a simplification of the physics of oilsands slurry flow. A method for predicting erosion wear in sand slurry pipeline was also presented. An apparatus was designed and developed to measure the forces acting on the pipe inner wall to monitor forces related to erosion in a laboratory-scale sand slurry loop. Preliminary testing of the floating element assembly was conducted using water and sand slurry flows.

Future work includes validating the proposed lumped parameter erosion model using laboratory scale testing utilizing wear advanced wear monitoring techniques.

Expected completion date: Successful MSc defence April 8, 2010

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