Michailides, Theophilos (Phil)




20 years of energy industry experience

Career exposures include responsibilities within operations, engineering, technology transfer, project management, technical analysis and support, acquisitions/divestitures, strategic sales/marketing and general management

Participated in technical due diligence projects in the US, South America and Europe

Registered as a Professional Engineer in Alberta

B.Sc., Petroleum Engineering (University of Alberta)

M.Eng., Engineering Management (University of Alberta)




“NPS 8 GEOPIG: Inertial Measurement & Mechanical Caliper Technology”; ASME International Pipeline Conference, Calgary, AB – 1998

“MFL Pipeline Inspection Using Gas Bypass and Speed Control Technology”; Hart’s Pipeline Digest – 1998

“Post-Project Management Analysis of a Pipeline Maintenance Project”; The Institute of Management Science and Organizational Research Society of America, Nashville, TN - 1991




A Study of Work Climate Perception, Engagement and Individual Characteristics and their Respective Impact on an Employee’s Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation


More and more companies are embracing the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and embedding them within their business practices. In doing so, they are relying heavily on their personnel to champion the ideologies, values and actions that are communicated and promised to external stakeholders. Beyond the philanthropic initiatives and well crafted policies originating at the corporate level, expectations have evolved further whereby front-line personnel (both in office and field settings) are asked to perform their day-to-day activities in a manner that is aligned with the CSR responsibilities the company has committed to.


Understanding whether perceived ‘climates’ at work and/or individual demographics impact the CSR attitudes of front-line personnel (i.e. managers and employees), both in the office and field setting.


An online survey will be launched to gather perspectives of front-line managers and employees

The test population are all employed by an energy delivery company

Statistically valid, reliable and proven questionnaires are utilized within the proposed survey. Individual demographics are also gathered as part of the survey.




Online survey is ready for launch (currently being function-tested)

Waiting for ethics approval from the University of Alberta

Approval to launch the survey has been granted by executive management of the energy delivery company

Waiting for ethics approval from the energy delivery company

Estimated survey launch: June, 2010

Detailed analysis of survey data: July - November, 2010



Expected completion

Q1 - 2011


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