Name: Amanda Kotchon


 B. Sc. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering (2010)

 M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering – beginning Fall 2010

Work Experience:

University of Alberta               January-April 2007, January-August 2009
Research Assistant   

Enbridge Pipelines             January-August 2008
Rotating Equipment Support                         


Project Title:  Non-Contact Fault Detection In Large Off-Road Truck Tires

Tires for off-road service undergo extreme loading and temperature conditions.  Frequent inspection is required to ensure the integrity of the tire and the safety of the vehicle.  An automated method of performing tire inspections will reduce the time required for inspections and the interval between inspections.  This will greatly increase the likelihood that critical flaws are detected before causing the tire to fail. 

The aim of this project is to determine non-contact methods for examining elastically deformable objects, such as vehicle tires, with environmental impedance.  After developing key system requirements and specifications, laboratory experiments will test the candidate technologies under a variety of environmental conditions.


 Expected completion date: Spring 2013

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