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I am a graduate student in the department of physics at the University of Alberta. I have just recently completed my M.Sc at Simon Fraser University in the department of physics. My M.Sc research was conducted at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics. To be a little more specific my M.Sc.research was done with the DRAGON facility at TRIUMF. You can view my M.Sc. thesis in the papers section of the webpage. Currently my research interests are in the field of medical physics. My PhD. research will be conducted at the cross cancer institute at the university of Alberta.

Check out the video the graduate students in medical physics made for you tube.

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  • boogiejack.com A beginners guide for making your 1st web page to outlining an entire site.
  • CWRU Is an online tutorial with quizzes at the end, we all love quizzes right?

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