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Art Classes

1) Beginners Watercolours

The next set of beginners watercolour art classes will resume once the Covid 19 issues are settled and social gathering is allowed freely. If interested in learning more about these classes or enrolling, please contact me. The cost is $10.00/hour. Therefore the fee for each 6 hour class is $60.00. The class usually runs for 6 hours usually from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm with 1/2 hour for lunch.

No previous painting experience is necessary.

Topics will include basic techniques in painting fresh watercolours including wet on dry painting,  wet on wet painting,  dry brush technique. Discussion on importance and practice on painting values. 

Other topics for later classes would include colour theory, colour mixing, using limited palette. Perspectives both geometric and atmospheric. All classes will begin with some art theory followed by practice.

Below are examples of the art work that we will be painting during the first set of classes. 

In the event of lack of enrolment, the classes may be rescheduled or cancelled.

Birches In winter



2) Plein air painting

Hopefully as conditions permit, I would like to offer perhaps 2 sets of plein air painting 9outdoor painting) classes within Edmonton.  Each set of classes will span over 2 days and will consist of theory and practice. The two day workshop will give you confidence to get out and paint plein air. The major obstacle artists find in painting plein air is the changing light. An ideal plein air painting has to be done within a two hour window to be successful. This workshop will be geared with that concept uppermost. In view of this we will use a limited palette of only six colours. The instructions will be for painting using traditional oil paints. 


Day One, Indoors:

There will be a short discussion on essential and desirable equipment and supplies.

 Discussion on advantages of a l limited palette

A discussion on colour theory with question and answers

A demo on colour matching

Several colour matching exercises to be practised by the participants.

Plan for the coming day

Day Two, Outdoors:

 A quick demo by going over what was discussed the previous day.

 A painting or two by the participants of the scene(s) of their choosing. I will go around helping anyone requesting  help and offering any necessary advise.

Critic at the end of the day.

Each day will be 6 hours in duration. The proposed fee is $150.00 for the 2 day classes.  

The classes  will go ahead if there are at least 8 individuals registered. Maximum 15 individuals

Once the session are confirmed, I will send out a list of necessary and desired equipment.

Plein air painting. South Sask. Dr. Park - Oil

Plein air painting Hawrelak Park - Acrylic

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