Mohamed's Gallery

Conference of the mice

The mice, all at attention

Some healthy food

And some not so healthy food (but more


A future doc. dissecting a mouse

Minutes prior to the show

Living Room

Family Room

Living Room

Family Room

Lori &  Michelle In discussion

Thina having some help in her choice, Matt having

to do it alone

A proud Matt

Refreshments untouched! It seems the art is more

popular than food.

Art Show 2008

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I know, I picked the worst weekend in the last century to host the art show. The weather with

wind chill was about -19 degrees Celsius. Despite this, several brave souls made it through the

snow drifts and the howling wind. On the positive side, we had more time to discuss the

nuances of art, relax and have some refreshments including some mice!!

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