Mohamed's Gallery

The start of my painting demo.

The laundry room.

Wall of oil painting in the new space

Some admirers, amongst them a renowned painter

The project coming along

Cheryl and Ron. Our wonderful neighbors, who have attended every  show!!

There is Ron & Cheryl again

Dr. Noga & the Family. The choice can be daunting.

Claudette and Sarah comparing the same painting in Oils & Watercolour

They are up to something.

Betty and Inga.

Get her in the picture too. "She is my friend"

Wall of Watercolours

The other side of the wall

Some refreshments

Chugging along with the demo. A few hours prior to completion

It's all done. what is the verdict??

Art Show 2009

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It was a successful showing.  Especially because of an extra 400 square feet of space was

converted to a "gallery". The display as a result was much better.  The weather even

cooperated . It was nice to meet old friends and make some new ones. Thank you everyone for

attending. Here are some pictures.

Click on the image to enlarge and view the slideshow