Mohamed's Gallery

All decked out in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Feast for the eyes.

Not much room for anyone to sit!

Cards for all occasions

What!  Alberta & B.C. sharing the same wall?

Before the event

Grumpy Papa Bear!!!

Move over.... Louvre.

Food and art. The perfect mix.

The artist's journey

The planning phase: Some thumbnails

A faint sketch before the paint.

A pair in black, seeking some colour.

Fatima seems to be reluctant to part with the


In the background, Dr. John Dyck in his lecture

pose. Is he lecturing about the Art or the Heart?

Some new friends admiring my pieces.

Barb the professional, appraises the art.

Carol, Karen & Matthew browsing around.

It seems nobody wants to rest.

Malek in his Dad's arm has some profound


Art Show 2007

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