Mohamed's Gallery

Darn, the piece is so massive, it occupies almost

the entire wall!

Sorry, Mr. Fireplace, you have to give away some

space to the gallery. The show must go on!!

What would I have done without this long table?

The reproduction of the sunflower sure looks like

an original piece.

Aurora Borealis!! A collage of Northern Lights.

Didn't last long though. They were all gone within


Rhonda & Brenda. By the way is there an intruder

at the far window?

Whew!! with such a wide selection, choosing a

painting for the mammography room at the

Wetaskiwin Hospital was rather difficult.

Siobhan & Dr. Michael Gault posing with their

prized possessions

Images from top to bottom:

2nd Prize: Trudy Barone

1st Prize: Ellen Sitler

3rd Prize: Barb & Jo Hamelin

Door Prize: Chandell Bilsborrow (neePopik)

Art Show 2006

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