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Mohamed Hirji

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As a diagnostic radiologist, my profession has greatly influenced my art. Driving home after

work, having spent the day peering at black and white images, my senses are overwhelmed at

the world full of so many shades of colour. Every glance outside my car window yields endless

possibility. The stimuli strike me relentlessly, and I start thinking of what sort of painting will I

compose next? What palette will I use? What will I include? What media will be suitable? The

questions are endless, but inspiring. I can’t wait to get started.

My canvas in front of me. With my brush in my hand, I start thinking about how best to fill the

vast, flat, white, empty canvas with a three dimensional form.  Again, contrast comes into play,

like the black and white images at work.  But this time, I am the one producing something out of

nothing, for someone else to interpret and put together. My art will take over now, allowing me

to use colour to bridge the monochromatic pictures of my work. Carefully, and meticulously, I

begin. A brushstroke here, and one there. Steadily, I start putting it together, mixing my colours

and decorating the canvas. My mind races as I work, sometimes slowing me down, sometimes

propelling me forwards. Nothing about what I do is random, and every decision must be made

carefully. Eventually, the painting takes shape and becomes complete, an image unto itself. I

strive to convey the viewer into the scene of my painting so they experience the scent of my

florals, hear the rustling of the leaves in my landscapes, feel the chill in my snowscapes and

hear the crashing of the waves in my seascapes. My process similar to my previous painting,

yes, but never the same.