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Art Classes:

I will be conducting  beginners, watercolour art classes at the Edmonton Art Club in the

Orange Hub, 10045 -156 St NW, Edmonton. Ample parking is available on site.

Approximately a week prior to the first class, I will offer a free event where a watercolour

demonstration will be conducted, followed by discussion of the class format, supplies

and answers to your questions. If interested, you may register for the classes at this


The 2 week classes are tentatively scheduled to start in May on Saturdays 9:00am to

3:00pm. (start & end time negotiable). In the event of lack of enrolment, the classes may

be rescheduled or cancelled.

The cost is $10.00/hour. Therefore the fee for 12 hour session is $120.00, which

includes the GST.

No previous painting experience is necessary. Participants who complete this level may

then enrol for more advanced levels which will be offered subsequently.

If interested in learning more about these classes or enrolling, please contact me.

Below are examples of the paintings during the classes.