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Mojgan Daneshmand, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair Tier II
Radio Frequency Microsystems for Communication and Sensing

ECE Department, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tel: 780-4927351; Email:


Welcome to the page of the M2M MNT group in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The group leader is Prof. Mojgan Daneshmand, Ph.D, P.Eng, who is a Canada Research Chair in advanced radio frequency (RF) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Our group is working toward advancing integrated microwave to millimeterwave micro/nano devices and systems by developing novel configurations and new applications. The results of our work are applied in wide range of fields, ranging from satellite and wireless communications to biomedical systems.

Micro/Nano integrated RF devices and systems

The evolution of wireless technology shows no signs of slowing. Wireless technologies have a strong impact on various aspects of our daily life, including wireless handheld devices, satellite payloads, automotive and military radars, and biomedical and human health monitoring systems. A key trend in this technological evolution is miniaturization and ultra-high density integration of high frequency devices. Micro/Nano Technology (MNT) provides the opportunity to develop small scale RF devices and satisfy market demand. Miniaturization has made it possible to realize components and systems with superior performance in comparison to the conventional technologies.

Generally, our research at the University of Alberta focuses on evolving microwave to millimeterwave devices and systems by taking advantage of new knowledge in the MNT field. Here, we develop novel configurations and new functionalities applied to wide range of applications: from satellite and wireless communication to biomedical systems. Specific examples of our projects include microwave sensors, reconfigurable waveguides, 3D RF MEMS, nano RF devices, MEMs antennas, and Microwave packaging and MEMS sensors.

IEEE Northern Canada AP-MTT Joint Chapter

Our group is very active in the local Antennas & Propagation (AP) and Microwave Theory & Techniques (MTT) societies which have a joint chapter for the Northern Canada Section of IEEE. Many of our activities are public events that everyone is welcome to attend. Check it out!