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Mojgan Daneshmand, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Professor, Canada Research Chair Tier II
Radio Frequency Microsystems for Communication and Sensing

ECE Department, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tel: 780-4927351; Email:


Welcome to the homepage of the M2M MNT group in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The group is led by Prof. Mojgan Daneshmand, Ph.D., P.Eng., who is a Canada Research Chair in Radio Frequency Microsystems for Communication and Sensing.

Radio Frequency and Microwave Sensors for Oil and Energy, Construction, Biomedical, Health, and Environmental Applications

Microwave and radio frequency sensors are an emerging technology for chemical and physical sensing. They can sense in real-time and non-contact fashion, which makes them suitable for different environments. They are very small, can be conformal to surfaces, and are amenable to integration with electronics and microfluidics. Our group is a pioneer in establishing high resolution microwave sensors for detecting and monitoring small changes in liquid, gas and solid phases.

RF and Microwave Communication for Wireless 5G Networks, Satellite, and IoT Applications

As communication systems advance and lower frequency bands become congested, the operation frequency is expanding from radio frequency into higher frequency bands such as millimeter-waves. At the same, multifunctionality and reconfigurability is becoming an inherent part of mobile systems. To satisfy these demands, our group employs micro/nano technology to create tunable and miniaturized microwave and millimeter-wave devices and systems for transceiver front ends.

IEEE Northern Canada Section AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter

Our group is very active in the local Antennas & Propagation (AP) and Microwave Theory & Techniques (MTT) societies which have a joint chapter for the Northern Canada Section of IEEE. Many of our activities are public events that everyone is welcome to attend. Check it out!