Curriculum Vitae

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Matthew C. Kelley


Department of Linguistics
University of Alberta, Assiniboia Hall 3-24
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E7


Doctor of Philosphy: Linguistics

University of Alberta, June 2021 (expected)
Supervisor: Benjamin V. Tucker

Master of Science: Linguistics

University of Alberta, 2017
Supervisor: Benjamin V. Tucker

Bachelor of Arts: Double major in English (linguistics emphasis) and Spanish
Minor: Computer Science

Boise State University, 2015
Magna cum laude
Distinguished honors from the Honors College

Research Experience

May 2018 to present: Google Summer of Code Student Developer

NUMFocus (Remote)

September 2017 to May 2018: Research Assistant

University of Alberta
Linguistics Abstracts Online
(Edmonton, AB)

May 2017 to August 2017: Research Assistant

University of Alberta
Deep Learning for Sound Recognition Group
(Edmonton, AB)

September 2015 to April 2017: Research Assistant

University of Alberta
Alberta Phonetics Lab, Department of Linguistics
(Edmonton, AB)

June 2016: Graduate Assistant

University of Alberta
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
(Edmonton, AB)

Spring 2015: Research Intern

Boise State University
Mary Ellen Ryder Linguistics Lab, Department of English
(Boise, ID)

Teaching Experience

Spring 2014: Digication Teaching Intern

Boise State University
Department of World Languages, Spanish section
(Boise, ID)

Summers 2013, 2014, 2015: Academic Mentor

Boise State University
TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program
(Boise, ID)


Journal publications

Tucker, B.V., Brenner, D., Danielson, D.K., Kelley, M.C., Nenadić, F., & Sims, M.N. (accepted). The Massive Auditory Lexical Decision Database. Behavioral Research Methods.

Conference publications

Kelley, M.C., & Tucker, B.V. (accepted). A comparison of input types to a deep neural network-based forced aligner. Interspeech 2018.


Conference Presentations


Kelley, M.C. (2017). A comparison of four vowel overlap metrics. Presented at the Alberta Conference on Linguistics 2017 (Edmonton, AB).

Kelley, M.C. & Tucker, B.V. (2017). Recognition of spoken pseudowords. Presented at the Western Conference on Linguistics 2017 (Boise, ID).

Kelley, M.C. & Tucker, B.V. (2017). How are pseudowords recognized in an auditory lexical decision task?. Presented at the Northwest Phonetics and Phonology Conference 2017 (Vancouver, BC).


Kelley, M.C., Morrison, G.S., Tucker, B.V. (2016). A comparison of vowel overlap metrics. Presented at the Northwest Phonetics and Phonology Conference 2016 (Eugene, OR).

Poster Presentations


Kelley, M.C., Tucker, B.V. (2017). How do we recognize pseudowords in an audio signal?. Presented at the 173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (Boston, MA).


Helms, A.J., May, M., Albrecht, J., Barrera, A., Boone, H., Davidson, D., Dodson, C., Gonzales, T., Holmgren, L., Johnson, Dane., Jordan, C., Kelley, M., McBride, G., Mullner, I., Nelson, L., Ruesch, K., Tolman, J., & White, D. (2015). Kikongo Language Structures. Presented at the 2015 Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference (Boise, ID).


Fall 2017 to Spring 2018: Vice President of the Linguistics Graduate Student Association

Developed Software

Language Skills and Experience

  • English (Native)
  • Spanish (Near-native)
  • Portuguese (Intermediate)
  • Esperanto (Intermediate)
  • Kikongo (Some documentation)

Academic and Research Skills

Experimental and research techniques

  • Lexical decision
  • Laboratory speech recording
  • Palatography/linguography
  • Field elicitation and recording
  • Corpus development and querying
  • Forced alignment
  • Statistical analysis and modeling
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Technological skills

  • General purpose programming (Python, Java, C, R, etc.)
  • Scripting (Python, R, Praat, BASH, etc.)
  • Website development (HTML, Django, Pelican, etc.)
  • IDEs (Eclipse, RStudio, etc.)
  • Basic graphic design (GNU Image Manipulation Program, Adobe PhotoShop)
  • Basic page layout and publication formatting (Scribus, Adobe InDesign)