Name the residual Northwest Territories BOB!

Canada's Northwest Territories will be divided in two on April 1, 1999, when a new territory will be created in the Eastern Arctic. That new territory already has a name -- Nunavut. But what will the residual territory be called? There is considerable debate on this subject, between those who wish to retain the name 'Northwest Territories' ('NWT' for short) and those who argue that a new name -- almost ANY new name -- would be better than the existing one. As a result, a contest is being held to solicit suggestions for a name for the new territory and a plebiscite will be held this fall. (There's a boring official website for this process, but the essential details are provided later in this page.)

NWT Cabinet member Stephen Kakfwi has noted that "The Northwest Territories is not a name, rather it is a direction -- a geographic label, in relation to Ottawa." And ya know, he's right! "We owe it to ourselves," Kakfwi continued, "to move on and accept that change must come. We can no longer regard ourselves as a child of Ottawa, a territory."

The problem is that no one has come up with a viable contender to 'Northwest Territories'... Well, we have a suggestion as to where you can park your vote for the time being -- name the new territory Bob.

Top 10 Reasons Why
The Residual Northwest Territories
Should Be Named

If you have other suggestions for our list of why people should Vote for Bob, please e-mail us!

I'm convinced, and I want to Vote for Bob!

I'll send an e-mail to which says "I suggest that the residual Northwest Territories should be named Bob."

About the contest...

Jane Groenewegen, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Hay River, chairs the Naming the Western Territory Sub-Committee tasked with coming up with a new name for the residual territory. People -- and this includes YOU, even if you don't live in the NWT -- may submit suggestions by phone, fax, letter and e-mail. The top 5 names submitted to the sub-committee will, they assure us, be placed on the plebisite ballot.

We feel that this is a pretty silly way to name a political jurisdiction, unlikely to recommend a name other than 'Northwest Territories', and (fortunately!) wide open to abuse...

As of June 24, the Naming the Western Territory Sub-Committee had received 492 suggestions. 455 creative souls had suggested 'Northwest Territories,' and its closest competitor had been suggested just 5 times.

We can do better -- we can Vote for Bob!

News/North reports that:

The Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographic Names, mandated to investigate and make recommendations on geographic names in Canada, has a list of 14 principles which must be followed.

It suggests a name already in public use, potentially using the name of pioneers, war casualties or historical events.

The Legislative Assembly has already said it would eliminate names that were too long, were difficult to pronounce, were obscene or were discriminatory on the basis of race, sex or ethnicity.

(quotes from the article 'Name game: Four weeks left till polls close on suggested names -- 'NWT' winning by a landslide', July 1, 1996)

We believe that Bob meets all these principles and criteria!

I wasn't convinced before, but I am now! Bob SHOULD be on the ballot for the plebiscite, so I'll Vote for Bob!

I'll send an e-mail to which says "I suggest that the residual Northwest Territories should be named Bob."

A public service of the Muskox Party of Bob.