2021 IUSEP Schedule Week Three 
July 27-31 BT / July 26 - 30 MT
Days/Dates BT  8:00-10:00 am 10:00-10:30 10:30-12:30
MT  6:00-8:00 pm 8:00-8:30 8:30-10:30
Tue/Jul 27 (BT) Mon/July 26 (MT) Han Lecture III Break Frei Lecture III
Wed/Jul 28 (BT) Tue/July 27 (MT) Group Projects Assignments Break Gannon Lecture
Thur/Jul 29 (BT) Thur/July 28 (MT) Li Lecture I Break LaTex Tutorial
Fri/July 30 (BT) Turs/Jul 29 (MT) Li Lecture II Break Graduate Application Info Session
Sat/July 31 (BT) Fri/Jul 30 (MT) Group study Break Bowling Lecture
Notes: BT is Beijing time (for students in China). MT is time in Edmonton (for instructors and students in Edmonton). BT is 14 hours ahead of MT, and each week's lectures start on a Tuesday for students in China.     Class time is 2 hours, giving plenty time for questions and students-instructor interations.