Unsworth Lab
Cardiovascular Biomaterials


Larry D. Unsworth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor      Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Principal Investigator   NRC (Canada), National Institute for Nanotechnology

Adjunct Professor       Faculty of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering Department


Review Editor: Frontiers in Neuroengineering


Welcome to Unsworth Lab!

Herein you will find a brief discussion regarding on-going research in the area of Cardiovascular Biomaterials.  In conjuntion with this, there are highlights of team members, job postings, and relevant links of interest.

Vision Statement: 

The development of bioactive and/or bioresponsive surfaces through understanding and controlling interfacial events at the molecular level.

Recent Publications:

   Koutsopoulos, S., Unsworth, L.D., Nagai, Y., and Zhang, S. (2009)
   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), in press.

Unsworth, L.D., Sheardown, H. and Brash, J.L. (2008) Langmuir,

Unsworth, L.D., van Oost, J. and Koutsopoulos, S. (2007)  The FEBS
   Journal, 274(16):4044-56.

Nagai, Y., Unsworth, L.D., Koutsopoulos, S. and Zhang, S. (2006) 
  Journal for Controlled Release, 115(1):18-24.

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