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Every person and organization can help LRIGS make a positive impact on the world we share through funding support.

LRIGS funding comes as monetary gifts from individuals and organizations.


Gifts can be used for general purposes or can be directed in specific ways.


We welcome gifts of any amount to help support our program.


What does your gift do?

  • It supports the research and training costs of our graduate students and post doctoral fellows. Our students and fellows are working to find solutions to globally relevant, diverse problems associated with land reclamation. Examples include how to quickly and efficiently revegetate land disturbed by resource extraction and how to remediate or isolate contaminants in soils after industrial and other land use activities.
  • It covers the travel costs of our students and fellows as they journey to other parts of the country and the world to study disturbances and diverse perspectives and methods of addressing land reclamation issues and challenges.
  • It funds formalized networking and mentorship opportunities for our students and fellows allowing them to learn directly from practicing land reclamation professionals.
  • It brings in leading experts to enrich our training and research programs through guest lectures.



LRIGS would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their monetary gifts:

  • Cam Bateman
  • David Chanasyk
  • Leanne Chai
  • Chi Chen
  • CharettePellPoscente (CPP) Environmental Corporation
  • Compliant Environmental Consulting
  • Daniel Fehr
  • Murray Hubscher
  • Calvin and Karen Lindwall
  • Scott & Barbara Logan
  • Gord McKenna
  • Leanne & Doug McKinnon
  • Kimlin A Metivier
  • NorthWind Land Resources Incorporated
  • Colby Oracheski
  • Paragon Soil and Environmental Consulting Incorporated
  • Solstice Canada Corporation
  • Robert Sorenson



To make a contribution to LRIGS, please click on the following "Make a Gift" button. You will be taken to a donations page for the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences. Be sure to direct your donation to "An area not listed (please fill out the information in the next section)". Next, click on the "+" symbol for the "Would you like to direct your gift to an area not listed" question and, in the space that appears write "LRIGS" or "Land Reclamation International Graduate School".


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For more information, please contact one of the two individuals listed below.


Dr M Anne Naeth

LRIGS Director


Ms Katherine Irwin

Associate Director, Development




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